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Telde is the second largest city on Gran Canaria, situated in its eastern part.

TeldeIn the pre-Hispanic times here was the realm of king Doramas, who reigned in this part of the island. In this place also were discovered the greatest part of best preserved archeological remains of the old days. The most important of them are: situated around the Old Town complexes of cave houses Baladero, Cendro and Tara, also located near the coastline remains of Las Huesas and Tufia, and of course the cave chamber Cuatro Puertas localized on the nearby hill Montaña Bermeja.

TeldeNowadays Telde is a very important industrial center, with factories, warehouses and shops situated on the outskirts of the town. This, as well as the new, uninteresting part of the city with high-rise buildings, blocks of residential and commercial streets, don't rather encourage to visit this place. But it's really worth to go to the real center to see preserved remains of former canarian architecture, walk through beautifully paved, full of charm alleys of San Francisco, see the houses in colonial style in the district of San Juan, which is also the main administrative and cultural center, and San Gregorio - the economical center of the town.

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Places of interest

Casa Museo León y Castillo - Telde - enlarge photo Casa Museo León y Castillo - the house-museum in the San Juan district in Telde, founded in 1954 by Cabildo de Gran Canaria for the memory of Fernando de León y Castillo - well-known politician, diplomat and 1st Marquis of Muni (Marqués del Muni), and his brother Juan de León y Castillo - an outstanding engineer of roads and ports. The building is an exact example of traditional canarian architecture, and in the interior of this family possession we find many memorials and valuable items coming even from the XVIth century.

Plaza de San Juan - Telde - enlarge photo Plaza de San Juan - the main square of Telde located in the district of the same name. Its central part is dominated by the church of Iglesia de San Juan Bautista adjacent to, shaded by huge old trees, walk promenade. Around it gathers the most important administrative centers in the town, located in the colonial buildings: low houses with wide portals and wood balconies. Just a few metres away behind the church we find beautiful park Parque de San Juan, while from the front side of the church we can get to the paved alley Inés Chemida, which leads us to another historical district of Telde - San Francisco.

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - Telde - enlarge photo Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - this, the most important in Telde church, was erected in XVth century at Plaza de San Juan. Preserved till today, original Gothic fasade contrasts with XXth century, neo-gothic bell towers. The unusual attraction of its interior is Christ sculpture placed on the main altar, which is made of crushed maize by the Mexican Indians. It was brought here before the year 1515.

Parque Urbano de San Juan - Telde - enlarge photo Parque Urbano de San Juan - one of the largest urban parks on the Canary Islands. Its main attraction is the observation tower with a clock and the fresh-air auditorium, where the concerts and shows takes places. The area of the park is filled with rich in species vegetation, walking alleys are covered with plant tunnels. We find here also a playground perfectly prepared for children, climbing wall, even a small zoo. Learn more

San Francisco - Telde - enlarge photo San Francisco - the second next to San Juan, historical district of Telde, located in direct neighbourhood of San Juan, known previously as Altozano (hill) de Santa María la Antigua. The narrow, squiggly alleys, along which are placed low white-green houses, leads to small church Iglesia de San Francisco. Going further we reach the Plaza de los Romeros from where extends excellent panoramic view of the last section of Barranco Real de Telde and beautiful bridge Puente de Siete Ojos. Learn more

San Gregorio - the main commercial district and economic center of Telde, full of shops, offices, restaurants and cafes. In same center of district we find bustling, full of life square Plaza de San Gregorio, dominated by the neoclassical church Iglesia de San Gregorio Taumaturgo. In its direct neighbourhood, in the shadow of trees, is the Kiosko de la Música and very pleasant cafe. At the end of visit in this part of the city, is good to go for a little walk to the park Parque Arnao.

Telde neighbourhood

Cuatro Puertas - enlarge photo Cuatro Puertas - located on the hill of Montaña Bermeja near Telde, one of the largest archeological discovery. It contains primarily: the carved in the rock, spacious cave chamber (Cueva de Cuatro Puertas) with four huge entrances, Almogaren - according to legends a place, where the ritual ceremonies took their places, and the complex of caves, including Cueva de Los Papeles and Cueva de Los Pilares. Learn more

Valsequillo - a picturesque village located in the central-eastern, higher part of Gran Canaria, known primarily for producing delicious cheeses. The main monument of the town is 17th-century church of Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel, moreover worth seeing is also the old headquarters cavalry building Cuartel de Caballería del Colmenar from 1530, situated in Barranco de San Miguel, and, the district of Tenteniguada located at the feet of Roque del Saucillo. From the viewpoint Mirador del Helechal extends the beautiful panoramic view of steep slopes of surroundings mountain and the fertile valleys full of fruits and flowers.

Vega de San Mateo - a small town situated in the central, mountainous part of Gran Canaria. At the main street rises monumental church Iglesia de San Mateo directly neighbouring square of La Alameda de Santa Ana. At the other side of the church is located a chapel of Ermita de Lourdes. Around the town is located many viewpoints, e.g. Mirador de Montaña Cabreja and El Mirador Natural de la Cruz y el Montañon, from which extends magnificent view of whole province of San Mateo. Every weekend in Mercado Agrícola y Artesanal is organized the municipal marketplace gather most of all the local residents.  Find hotel in Vega de San Mateo

Telde Photo Gallery

Plaza de San Juan - Telde - enlarge photo Plaza de San Juan - Telde - enlarge photo Plaza de San Juan - Telde - enlarge photo Telde - enlarge photo

Plaza de San Juan

Plaza de San Juan

Plaza de San Juan

Iglesia de San Pedro Mártir de Verona - Telde - enlarge photo Iglesia de San Pedro Mártir de Verona - Telde - enlarge photo Telde - enlarge photo Iglesia de San Gregorio - Telde - enlarge photo

Square at Iglesia de San Pedro

Iglesia de San Pedro

Iglesia de San Gregorio

Rincon Plácido Fleitas - Telde - enlarge photo Telde - enlarge photo Telde - enlarge photo Telde - enlarge photo

Rincon Plácido Fleitas