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Puerto Rico


Situated on south-western coast of Gran Canary Island Puerto Rico is one of the most well-known holiday resorts on the island.

Puerto RicoLocated in the valley, between high mountains is perfectly protected from the wind, what is a guarantee of good weather throughout the year. The sun and cloudless sky encourage to take a walk toward the bay, where you find small (300 m) white sandy beach. The bathing beach is separated from the sea by two piers and, thanks to that, it is safe and perfect for swimming.

Puerto RicoIn close neighbourhood of the beach there is a port, where you can enjoy one of many tourist sea attractions. The biggest interest are still for the deep-sea fishing expeditions (Pesca Deportiva de Altura), journeys around the island and everyday trips to Arguineguin or Puerto de Mogán. It's also worth to take a walk through the seaside promenade toward Playa de los Amadores and, during that way, go also to the viewpoint where you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of whole Puerto Rico bay (at road GC 500). When the weather is good you will surely see magnificent Teide - the highest peak on Tenerife.

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Neighbouring Beaches

Playa de los Amadores - enlarge photo Playa de los Amadores - the most beautiful white sandy beach on south-western coast of Gran Canaria. Created in a small bay bathing beach delights by its blue water. The beach itself is protected from the sea by jetty, what makes the swimming more comfortable and safe.

Tauro - a small (about 200 m), dark sandy beach in the south-western part of the island, one of the few non-developed places in this touristic area.

Playa del Cura - about 300 metres long dark sandy beach, situated on the south-western coast of the island in the beautiful bay. Along the beach is a little promenade, and in the depths of the valley (Barranco de Playa del Cura) are hotels, apartments and shopping center.

Taurito - enlarge photo Taurito - charming touristic destination on the south-western coast of Gran Canaria, situated in the narrow Barranco del Taurito. In a small bay there is pleasant beach formed from the local sand, and on the high, steep slopes that surrounds the valley are plenty of hotels and apartments. Learn more

Puerto Rico neighbourhood

Arguineguin - enlarge photo Arguineguin - a small fishing town, situated on the south coast of Gran Canaria. Inhabited rather by local people than typical holiday resort, but it's prefered holiday destination, mainly for tourists from Scandinavia and Germany. Bars and restaurants placed along the beach are specialized in dishes from fresh fish - fished in local port. Every tuesday is organized the one of the biggest marketplaces on the island.

Patalavaca - enlarge photo Patalavaca - a small town in the southern part of the island, actually complex of exclusive hotels and apartments, connected with its own beaches, separate from each other. In the direction to neighbouring Arguineguin leads the pleasant promenade.

Puerto Rico Photo Gallery

Puerto Rico - enlarge photo Puerto Rico - enlarge photo Puerto Rico - enlarge photo Puerto Rico - enlarge photo

Puerto Rico - enlarge photo Puerto Rico - enlarge photo Mirador de Puerto Rico - enlarge photo Mirador de Puerto Rico - enlarge photo

Mirador de Puerto Rico

Mirador de Puerto Rico

Promenade, Teide in the background - enlarge photo Playa de Puerto Rico - enlarge photo

Promenade, Teide in the background

Playa de Puerto Rico