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Maspalomas is a town situated in the southern part of the island, where the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria are placed.

Maspalomas - FaroFrom the eastern part it neighbours the most clowded by tourist and very bustling Playa del Inglés, from the west - with rather calm, although very atmospheric Las Meloneras. On the north it borders the San Fernando - the district inhabited mainly by foreigners (extranjeros), who came here to work.

Maspalomas - Charco de MaspalomasMaspalomas in its majority contains hotels, bungalows and apartments. It doesn't have the proper center and places that provide entertainment for tourists. All these things make the town rather colourless. However, it's really worth to walk accross the sandy beach of Playa de Maspalomas, see the famous dunes reserve Dunas de Maspalomas and Faro de Maspalomas - the lighthouse from 1886.

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Places of interest

Playa del Inglés - enlarge photo Playa del Inglés - the most besieged by tourists holiday resort, on the south of the island, with the most famous beach on Gran Canaria. It links to neighbouring San Agustin and Maspalomas nearly without any border. In many hotels, apartments and bungalows the rotation of people never stops. During the day tourists are taking advantage of worm sun on the beach, while in the evenings they're going to places called Shopping Centres - places, where they can buy souveniers, eat in restaurant, and in the night drink and dance in one of many discos.  Find hotel in Playa del Inglés

Dunas de Maspalomas - enlarge photo Dunas de Maspalomas - sand dunes on Playa de Maspalomas is one of the greatest tourist and nature attraction in the southern Gran Canaria. They arised from the sands, shells and corals accumulated by the sea, and occupy an area of about 418 hectares. In its western side is placed the water reservoir Charco de Maspalomas, and just in a few meters from there we meet the camels offering us the exciting ride through the dunes. Learn more

Faro de Maspalomas - enlarge photo Faro de Maspalomas - the lighthouse in Maspalomas, 68 metres high. Its construction began in 1886, and in 1890 was used for the first time.

Las Meloneras - enlarge photo Las Meloneras - recently created, very attractive holiday resort, situated along rocky beach near Faro de Maspalomas, on extention of Playa de Maspalomas. There are elegant hotels and bungalows, atmospheric cafes and exclusive boutiques. It's quiet and calm place, chosen rather by wealthier tourists.

Maspalomas neighbourhood

San Agustin - the tourist resort situated east of Maspalomas. Very nice, sandy beach is located in a small bay, and along the coastline is a sea promenade Paseo Marítimo, which leads toward the Dunas de Maspalomas.  Find hotel in San Agustin

Bahia Feliz - enlarge photo Bahia Felíz - the easternmost tourist complex, hardly crowded with people, rather quiet, calm and atmospheric place. During a walk throung the sea promenade, from the one side we pass delightful houses in Moorish style - with charming columns, towers and characteristic elevations, surrounded by flowered gardens, while by the second we pass small bays with their rocky beaches, following one by one.

Maspalomas Photo Gallery

Playa del Inglés - enlarge photo Playa - Maspalomas - enlarge photo Maspalomas - enlarge photo Camels - reserve of Dunas de Maspalomas - enlarge photo

Playa del Inglés

Playa - Maspalomas

Camels - reserve of Dunas de Maspalomas

Charco de Maspalomas - enlarge photo Playa - Maspalomas - enlarge photo Dunas de Maspalomas - enlarge photo Playa - Maspalomas - enlarge photo

Charco de Maspalomas

Playa - Maspalomas

Dunas de Maspalomas

Playa - Maspalomas

Maspalomas - enlarge photo Maspalomas - enlarge photo Maspalomas - enlarge photo

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