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Arucas is the third largest city on Gran Canaria, situated in the northern part of the island, on the area called medianías - it's the land between low coast and high mountains.

ArucasArucas is situated at the feet of volcanic peak Montaña de Arucas. The wide fertile areas, that surrounds the city, are covered with dark-green banana crops, the largest on whole the archipelago. In the past, until the end of XVIth century, it was famous for the sugar cane crops.

ArucasThe town is well-known producer and exporter of delicious canarian rum called Arehucas. Apart from the rum factory we find here numerous of historic buildings and beautiful places, like parks and gardens full of exotic flowers and trees. And for that reason Arucas is often called as "Ciudad de las flores" - a city of flowers.

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Places of interest

Arucas - Rum Factory Arehucas - enlarge photo Rum Factory "Arehucas" - producer of well-known in whole world rum "Arehucas". The factory visibly distinguishes in the town by its high, narrow chimney. It was opened in 1884 as Fábrica de San Pedro, and quickly became the base of town economics. Since 1965 it operates under current name - "Arehucas". The factory has in its cellars about 6000 oak casks, storing there its exquisite products and guaranteeing the highest quality of them. Apart from white (Ron Blanco) and golden rum (Ron Oro), it also produces for example: typical canarian Ron Miel (the honey rum), mint liqueur (Likor de Menta) and banana liqueur. Tasting it is the great end of the tour through this factory.

Arucas - Ermita de San Pedro - enlarge photo Ermita de San Pedro - the origin of that small church goes back to 1724, while the building itself is a copy of 16th-century church in La Goleta. In 1971, in complete ruin, it was bought by Rum Factory "Arehucas", then renovated and restored.

Arucas - Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - enlarge photo Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - the neo-Gothic church of Saint John the Baptist from 1909, erected in place of old one, which was destroyed, consecrated in 1917. The building rises high above the town, towers over it with the 60-metres high towers and almost crushes with its size low, white buildings that surrounds it. Two highest towers: la Torre del Baptisterio (Baptisery Tower) and la Torre del Roloj (Clock Tower) are placed on both sides of main facade, facing Plaza de San Juan. But what is really interesting - not here is the main entrance to the church. It is located on the west side of building. Even thought there was collected lot of works of art, the interior of the church is rather modest and has really pleasant atmosphere.

Arucas - Museo Municipal - enlarge photo Museo Municipal - the Municipal Museum located on the area of Municipal Park (Parque Municipal). The permantent exposition contains works of artists such as: Santiago Santana, Manolo Ramos, Guillermo Sureda and Abraham Cárdenes. In the same building is placed also the Tourist Infomation.

Arucas - Parque Municipal - enlarge photo Parque Municipal - a beautiful urban park located in the central part of the town, rich in various species of trees and plants, in particular ornamental, comes from all of the world. The examples collected here are planted along several alleys, we find here also plenty of flower beds, arbours and ponds in different shapes. On the one of the trees hides a Park Goblin (El Duende del Parque) - it's a tiny character which is a part of park history. According to legend it brings happiness to those who scratches his nose.

Arucas - Montana de Arucas - enlarge photo Montaña de Arucas - on the altitude of 412 metres above sea level, in the place of old volcanic crater, was created the viewpoint Mirador de la Montaña de Arucas. This place provides an excellent view, one of the most beautiful on the island, of the entire northern part of Gran Canaria - from La Isleta to the top of Gáldar mountain, as well as on the central, mountainous part of the island with its highest point Pico de Las Nieves. In four places were set up a special view balconies, from which we can admire the main points of surrounding: Mirador de Arucas - which presents the panoramic view over the city, Mirador del Ron - with direction to the Rum Factory, Mirador del Teide, from which in the cloudless day we can see the top of highest point of Tenerife and Mirador de Las Canteras - with a perfect view of Las Palmas and the beatch. All around in the nearest neighbourhood are huge dark-green banana crops. On the top of the mountain, on a stone pedestal, is a big cross, placed here on December 31th, 1899, to celebrate the start of 20th century.

Jardín de la Marquesa - the tropical garden located on the road from Arucas to Bañaderos, about 1 km from the center of the town; called also as "the Hesperides" Tropical Garden (Las Hespérides). Inside we find a small palace from 1881 designed in a Romantic style, and one of the most complete collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants, which is an effect of many years' passion of Marquis of Arucas. The garden is visibly divided into two parts: the recent area, just a few years old, and the older one that surrounds the palace.

Fobos - situated at Transmontaña-Cardones roundabout (on the road GC-20) one of the famous Juguetos del Viento (the Wind Toys) made by Cesár Manrique - an artist from Lanzarote. On whole the archipelago only two of his works are outside the Lanzarote - one of them is Fobos. This figure contains mainly spheres, circles and pyramids. By the influence of blowing wind the elements are whirling and moving around, what makes the presentation really fascinating.

Arucas neighbourhood

Firgas - enlarge photo Firgas - a small town in the northern part of Gran Canaria, known for the mineral water of the same name. During a walk through the Old Town you can't miss the church at Plaza de San Roque and Promenades formed in the place of old Royal Tract: the Canarians - that presents pictures and characteristic of all of seven islands of archipelago, and the Gran Canaria Promenade (Paseo de Gran Canaria) - that shows emblems of all regions of this island. In the middle of promenade was built the pleasant, 30-metres cascade.

Teror - enlarge photo Teror - the model canarian city with beautiful Old Town, located in the northern part of the island. Around Plaza del Pino there are picturesque alleys with white houses and delightful, canarian wooden balconies. Over the square towers the Basílica Nuestra Señora del Pino, erected in place of the pine, in which in XVth century was found the figure of the church patron. Since that moment the town became the destination for pilgrims, the most important on whole the archipelago. When you are in Teror it's also worth to see Plaza Teresa de Bolívar, restored in the fifties, and a Sunday marketplace.

Valleseco - a town located in the central part of Gran Canaria, west of Teror. This, one of the youngest cities on the island, surprise with its greenery, and because of that it is often called as "Galicia de Canarias". Especially worth recommendation is a walk across the ravine of Barranco de la Virgen. In same city for the mention deserves the XIXth-century church of Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer projected by Laureano Arroyo Velazco.

Moya - enlarge photo Moya - a picturesque village situated west of Arucas, known for the poet Tomás Morales, who was born here. In his family house, at Plaza de Tomás Morales, was founded the museum Casa Museo Tomás Morales. At the opposite side of the square is Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria - a church from 1957. There are also two caves: Cuevas de la Montañeta and Cueva de Doramas, that preserved till now from the pre-Hispanic times.

Arucas Photo Gallery

Arucas - enlarge photo Arucas - enlarge photo Arucas - enlarge photo Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - enlarge photo


Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Plaza de San Juan - enlarge photo Iglesia de San Juan Bautista - enlarge photo Plaza de San Juan - enlarge photo Arucas - Parque Municipal - enlarge photo

Plaza de San Juan

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Plaza de San Juan

Parque Municipal

Arucas - Heredad de Aguas - enlarge photo Arucas - Museo Municipal - enlarge photo

Heredad de Aguas

Museo Municipal